El Jem Museum and the Virtual Experience Company Explore New Digital Technologies in the Heritage Sector

from left to right: El Jem Museum's director Hager Krimi in conversation with drone pilot Adam Stanford, Virtual Experience Company CEO Mike Gogan and Marius Strohschneider from corncutter.games.

El Jem Museum and the Virtual Experience Company Collaborate to Explore the Power of Digital Technologies to Engage Young Visitors with their Heritage

The team of El Jem Museum supports the UK based Virtual Experience Company in a fascinating, experimental project. The project explores the application of new, digital technologies. It aims to capture Tunisian heritage in digital form and make it more accessible and engaging for a young audience.

The project involves multiple archaeological sites and museums. These include Thuburbo Majus, the Bardo Museum in Tunis and Uthina as well as El Jem.

In El Jem the project will trial a range of new technologies to capture the unique heritage of ancient Thysdrus:

Data Capture with Drones

The team will use drones to scan and film the famous El Jem Amphitheater. They will use the data collected to partially model the amphitheater's structure and test whether a full modelling and reconstruction project would be feasible in the future.


Through photography and digital post-processing, the team will scan artifacts at the museum. The scans are then used to create 3D models and virtual reconstructions.

Virtual Reality

Once all data has been successfully gathered, the project team will integrate it into a Virtual Reality application.

Once the work has been completed we are looking forward to testing the outputs with our visitors and to evaluate how our young audiences perceive these new ways of experiencing their heritage.


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